Friday, 2 December 2016

Quick and Easy Certificate Attestation In Qatar | Kenza Services

Best Attestation Service Providers

The attestation is the process through which the authenticity of a document is checked and  declare by attaching it with the sign of a verifying personnel. The original documents as well as a xerox of the same have to be submitted to authorized employees for verifying and they sign/stamp on guided area.

Kenza Services

Kenza Services is an Attestation Service in Qatar. They provide services for document clearing and Attestation. All services related to Attestation, Apostle and Authentication are provided by Kenza. All the processes will be carried out without any delay. They give quality based services, quickly and dutifully. Kenza provide services to individual, corporate, and government organizations as per their requirement.
Kenza offer attestation services for Educational Certificates like Degree Certificates, Provisional Certificates, Mark Sheet Attestation Services, Bonafide letters etc.  and None Education Certificates like Marriage certificate, Affidavits, Power of attorney, Commercial documents etc.

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