Monday, 12 December 2016

MOFA's New regulation for Certificate Attestation In Qatar

MOFA's Latest Update in Education Certificate Attestation

From June 2016 onwards, the embassy of the state of Qatar has made it compulsory for the attestation of education certificate to require a Bonafide or Letter of Authenticity from the university or institution. The person should submit the bonafide letter prior to the attestation process and it should also contain the following details :-

  • Studying System
  • Type of Course
  • Venue of Study 
  • Course Duration
  • Authenticity of Institution
  • Attendance
The MOFA also insists they should have the original mark sheets and a certification from the commission of higher education of that country. This new set of rules has made the attestation process in Qatar more accurate. No more use of fake documents is possible in Qatar. But however, this also affects the legitimate set of people in Qatar.

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