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Certificate Attestation Qatar

Certificate Attestation Qatar:

Attestation is a mandatory process by which each individual who is planning to go abroad for work, education or business must have to get their respective orginal documents attested from the respective orginal documents attested from the respective embassy and other authorities of India.To reach the final legalisation of the document by the Embassy ,the document has to pass through some mandatory Attestation process from various authorized authorities in India. 
Certificate Attestation for Qatar is the act of witnessing a certificate by certified authorities of Qatar with their official seal and signature. This attestation on certificates confirmes that a particular certificate is geneuine .attestation for Qatar is a process which has to be excuted on an original document.certificate attestation for Qatar is the act of witnessing a certificate by certified authorites of Qatar with their official seal and signature.certificate attestation is very important and compulsory when it comes to higher education and employment in abroad.certificate attestation in Qatar is needed in order to certify the genuine of all necessory certificates.

Certificate attestation Qatar

Certificate Attestation from HRD,MEA Attestation. The Government of Qatar requires all educational/personal certificates. professional or academic issued from India to be attested by the Indian Embassy/consulate in Qatar for further attestation by the Ministery of Foreign Affairs of Qatar Government before grant of Qatar visa.
The whole set of certificate attestation process for both educational and experiment certificates is explained detailin Kenza services MOFA attestation is a necessity for educational certificates when it comes to changing profession, work, permit etc. It is rather more difficult for those who are seeking for higher studies in Qatar as they have to follow the difficult set of rules set by MOFA Qatar. Kenza being a reliable legal service provider in Qatar guide you throughout the whole process. Kenza also has many offices in India with excellent customer care service

certificate attestation qatar

Kenza Services | Top Attestation Agency Qatar

Kenza Services | Top Attestation Agency Qatar: Are you in search of the best attestation agency in Qatar? Kenza Services, top attestation agency Qatar is the one you are looking for! We are the best!
Kenza Services is the top attestation agency in Qatar. 

Kenza Services is the top attestation agency in Qatar. Being the top means many things to our customers. Experience, expertise, dedication, trust and excellence makes our company the best. Our attestation services are recognized and approved by all the governments of Qatar. We focus on customer satisfaction at the most reasonable price and timely completion. What makes us special is the transparency of the attestation procedure. You can keep track of your documents through our online tracking facility. We are providing certificate attestation from different countries. Kenza also helps you follow the new set of rules by MOFA for educational certificate. As the rules and regulations in Qatar are getting stronger day by day, the certificate attestation procedure is not as easy as before. But we will guide you to cross all the hurdles and to complete the process easily and timely.
top attestation agency qatar

Types of Certificate Attestation done in Kenza

There are mainly two types of certificate attestation done by us,
  • Educational Certificate
  • Non Educational Certificate

Types of Educational Certificate

Degree Certificates, Diploma Certificates, Professional Certificates, Board Certificates, Bonafide Letters, Private Diploma Certificates, Mark Sheet Attestation.

Types of Non Educational Certificate

Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Experience Certificate, Affidavits, Power of Attorney, Commercial Documents, Legal Documents.

So when you think of attesting your documents, think of us. To get your attestation done easily, safely and timely, get in touch of Kenza Services.

Document Translation Services Doha | Qatar Embassy Attestation

Document Translation Services Doha

Our document translation services consist of major translation like patent, handbook, statement contacts, certificates etc. we also have language services for both private and public organisations, whatever the language is we will do it. Documentation is a must in Doha as per the instructions from MOFA. 
Without documentation our society cannot be civilized and it is necessary in Qatar.
A a document translation company we offer full array of services in any format or as you like. we also help you with assistance with the translation of your organization's website. The purpose of document translation if increasing day by day, we help you to translate it.

Our Services

  •  Government Translation 
  •  Legal Translation
  • Entertainment Translation
  •   MArketing Translation
  •  Business& Financial translation
  •  Health care Translation
  •  Personal Translation
  • Interpretation

These are the services provide by us if you have any doubts about documentation services visit our website for that click the link below. 
Document Translation Services Doha | Qatar Embassy Attestation:

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Best Visa Services Doha - Kenza Services Qatar

Best Visa Services Doha

kenzaservices is one of the Best Visa Services in Doha. Qatar adopts a visa-exemption policy for more than 30 countries, as well as the GCC members, to boost tourism and for Business Visas are issued to businessmen who have applied in advance.

Types Of Visas Provideing, TR or Transit Visa,Business Visa, Employment Visa, Student Visa etc..


How to Apply For Qatar Visa?

One can’t use an express service while requesting for a visa from the embassy and they won’t be required to pay any additional fees other than the initial official ones. The working hours of the embassies of Qatar are from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm from Monday to Friday. Submission and collection of passports should be done during that time period only.

  • The applicant can get a Qatar visa application form, fill it with the required information and then submit it at the Qatar Embassy.
  • Applicants can use methods of payments such as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, e-cash, Visa-electron, money orders and checks to pay for their visa. Personal cheques and cash are generally not accepted.
  • Each visa has to be accompanied by its own money order or company cheque. One can’t submit one company cheque for 3 different visa applications. The fees must be paid in USD dollars only.

Documents Required For Various Kinds of Visas In Qatar

The following are the documents required to get a Qatar Visa:

  • A valid passport is compulsory while submitting the visa application. The passport’s validity period must be six months longer than the applicant’s intended visit period in Qatar. The passport also has to have blank pages to print the new visa.
  • If the applicant is submitting an application for a business visa, they should provide a letter from their company with it. But if they are applying for a tourist visa, they should provide an invitation letter in order to explain the reason behind their visit to Qatar.
  • An application or a letter is required to be submitted.
  • Every visa application has to be accompanied with 2 colored passport size photographs of the applicant.
  • 2 copies of the first passport pages (photo and name must be present in the copies) along with the original itself.
  • In case of sending their application via mail, they must include a prepaid return envelope, write their name on both the recipient and sender fields. It’s recommended to avoid regular mail to minimize application loss risks.
  • Official passport holders, diplomatic and military personnel have to submit two copies of an official required provided by their government’s authorities along with a letter from the recipient company (where they’re going to work during their stay in Qatar).

Applicants won’t need a visa if Qatar is just a connection between flights to other countries

For more Information visit 

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Company Formation Cost In Qatar- KenzaServices

Company Formation Cost In Qatar- KenzaServices

 Qatar is one of the promptly developing economies in the world. Qatar also well developed in per capita income and also in gas supply. Qatar is new liberalized fiscal policies are based on well planning and on a clear vision with its windows wide open to foreign investors. Qatar amended policies permitting foreign investors to have 100% ownership in certain sectors including agriculture, industry, health, education, tourism, development and exploitation of natural resources etc. A successful refuge  for growing, investment incentives, infrastructure, banking services, insurance policies, and political and social stability are the contributing factors in creating an admirable  industrial climate for setting up business in Qatar.

Company Types IN Qatar

  •     Partnership Company
  •     Limited Partnership Company
  •     Particular Partnership Company
  •     Shareholding Company
  •     Limited Share Partnership Company
  •     Limited Liability Company
  •     Single Person Company
  •     Holding Company

Following Are Required Register A Company In Qatar(KenzaServices)

  •     Name Search
  •     Temporary Bank Account (n/a in case of establishments)
  •     Articles of Association (n/a in case of establishments)
  •     Deposit Capital (n/a in case of establishments)
  •     Provision for Further Documents
  •     Approval for Incorporation documents (n/a in case of establishments)
  •     Authentication of Articles of Association (n/a in case of establishments)
  •     Commercial Registration
  •     Registration with Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  •     Company Seal
  •     Trade License
  •     Signage License

Contact KenzaServices

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Mumtaza area
Doha – Qatar
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Qatar Embassy Attestation

qatar embassy attestation

Qatar Embassy Attestation

Attestation is a process by which each individual who is planning to go abroad for work,education or business must have to get their original documents attested from the respective embassy. To reach the final legalization of the document by the Embassy, the document has to pass through some mandatory attestation process from various authorized authorities in India.Qatar Certificate Attestation is the act of witnessing a certificate by certified authorities of Qatar with their official seal and signature. Attestation for Qatar is a process which has to be executed on an original document. The attestation confirms that particular certificate has been issued by the respective university and seal and signature on the particular certificate is genuine.

To know more about Embassy Attestation please click the below link.
Qatar Embassy Attestation:

Translation Service Qatar | Mofa Attestation | Qatar Embassy Attestation

Translation Service Qatar

Translation service qatar

Our highly attentive concentration on the style, formatting, consistency, and accuracy guarantee our clients to achieve the best service available. Quality assurance testing takes place at different stages of content development, localization and translation project life cycle. Prior to deliver translation projects our QA department undertakes to execute the following:
  • The target translation reads like a piece of original text.
  • Everything has been properly localized/translated.
  • All figures and units of measurements
They have been checked and their validity assured.
Terminology has been harmonized with the term list given in client's reference material as well as maintaining the maximum level consistency & unification throughout.
The style of the translation appropriate for the intended purpose and audience.
All outstanding queries have been resolved with clients.
Overall spell and grammar check has been carried out on output translation.

 Translation Service Qatar | Mofa Attestation | Qatar Embassy Attestation