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Company Formation Cost In Qatar- KenzaServices

Company Formation Cost In Qatar- KenzaServices

 Qatar is one of the promptly developing economies in the world. Qatar also well developed in per capita income and also in gas supply. Qatar is new liberalized fiscal policies are based on well planning and on a clear vision with its windows wide open to foreign investors. Qatar amended policies permitting foreign investors to have 100% ownership in certain sectors including agriculture, industry, health, education, tourism, development and exploitation of natural resources etc. A successful refuge  for growing, investment incentives, infrastructure, banking services, insurance policies, and political and social stability are the contributing factors in creating an admirable  industrial climate for setting up business in Qatar.

Company Types IN Qatar

  •     Partnership Company
  •     Limited Partnership Company
  •     Particular Partnership Company
  •     Shareholding Company
  •     Limited Share Partnership Company
  •     Limited Liability Company
  •     Single Person Company
  •     Holding Company

Following Are Required Register A Company In Qatar(KenzaServices)

  •     Name Search
  •     Temporary Bank Account (n/a in case of establishments)
  •     Articles of Association (n/a in case of establishments)
  •     Deposit Capital (n/a in case of establishments)
  •     Provision for Further Documents
  •     Approval for Incorporation documents (n/a in case of establishments)
  •     Authentication of Articles of Association (n/a in case of establishments)
  •     Commercial Registration
  •     Registration with Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  •     Company Seal
  •     Trade License
  •     Signage License

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