Monday, 12 December 2016

Pro Services | Embassy Services | KenzaServices Qatar

Pro Services | Embassy Services | KenzaServices Qatar

Visa and embassy services Qatar
All type of  services  from various embassies are provided by Kenza. Translation services especially Arabic translation is offered by Kenza and they have skilled professionals for this purpose. Their other services also include PRO services, visa services, and emigration services. Emigration services are provided in India. The process of Certificate attestation by MOFA Qatar is also given special guidance by Kenza.

Attestation Services Qatar | Mofa Attestation | Qatar Embassy Attestation

Attestation Services Qatar | Mofa Attestation | Qatar Embassy Attestation

certificate attestation in Qatar
Attestation of certificates, both education and non-education can be done easily with the help of Kenza services. MOFA attestation services and embassy services provided by Kenza will guide you through each step. The anytime available customer service of Kenza is also an added benefit. Certificate attestation is no more a difficult task.

MOFA's New regulation for Certificate Attestation In Qatar

MOFA's Latest Update in Education Certificate Attestation

From June 2016 onwards, the embassy of the state of Qatar has made it compulsory for the attestation of education certificate to require a Bonafide or Letter of Authenticity from the university or institution. The person should submit the bonafide letter prior to the attestation process and it should also contain the following details :-

  • Studying System
  • Type of Course
  • Venue of Study 
  • Course Duration
  • Authenticity of Institution
  • Attendance
The MOFA also insists they should have the original mark sheets and a certification from the commission of higher education of that country. This new set of rules has made the attestation process in Qatar more accurate. No more use of fake documents is possible in Qatar. But however, this also affects the legitimate set of people in Qatar.

For more information and guidance for certificate attestation in Qatar contact Kenza Services Qatar Certificate Attestation.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Certificate Attestation and Visa Services | Kenzaservices Qatar

Certificate Attestation and Visa Services | Kenzaservices Qatar

Visa services Qatar KenzaIf you are looking for services related to certificate attestation, visa services, translation services, document clearance, embassy services, pro services, and emigration services, then Kenza Services in Qatar is the best choice. We have our head office is located in Qatar and other offices in India. Along with our reliable service, we also guarantee confidentiality throughout the process.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Certificate Attestation In Qatar | Certificate Attestation Doha | KenzaServices

Certificate Attestation In Qatar | Certificate Attestation Doha | KenzaServices

Certificate Attestation in Qatar
Kenza Services in Qatar will help you out with all issues related to certificate attestation, MOFA attestation, document clearance and other services. Our reliable service can give you results within a short period without any difficulty. Customer satisfaction is our main goal and we provide our best service for the same.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Certificate Attestation In Qatar | Translation Services Qatar | Visa Services Qatar

Certificate Attestation In Qatar | Translation Services Qatar | Visa Services Qatar

Kenza Services, the best choice when it comes to certificate attestation in Qatar. Now certificate attestation is a simple process with the help of Kenza. It also provides services for translation services and visa services in Qatar. No more stress or strain from the long and tiring process of certificate attestation in Qatar. Our reliable services can be accessed through our official website or contact us via mail(

Friday, 2 December 2016

Quick and Easy Certificate Attestation In Qatar | Kenza Services

Best Attestation Service Providers

The attestation is the process through which the authenticity of a document is checked and  declare by attaching it with the sign of a verifying personnel. The original documents as well as a xerox of the same have to be submitted to authorized employees for verifying and they sign/stamp on guided area.

Kenza Services

Kenza Services is an Attestation Service in Qatar. They provide services for document clearing and Attestation. All services related to Attestation, Apostle and Authentication are provided by Kenza. All the processes will be carried out without any delay. They give quality based services, quickly and dutifully. Kenza provide services to individual, corporate, and government organizations as per their requirement.
Kenza offer attestation services for Educational Certificates like Degree Certificates, Provisional Certificates, Mark Sheet Attestation Services, Bonafide letters etc.  and None Education Certificates like Marriage certificate, Affidavits, Power of attorney, Commercial documents etc.

Kenza Services - Qatar

Kenza services qatar


About Kenza

Kenza is a Qatar-based company that offers all type of services related to Attestation and Document clearing. We ensure reliability and confidentiality to our customers. The customers can contact our head office in Qatar and other offices located in India. They can get their attestation process completed without any inconvenience in a very short period. And also remember our commitment to our clients does not end after process completion.

Services Provided By Kenza 

Attestation Services

Certificate attestation is done without any hardship from the client side. Both Education certificates and Non-Education certificates are attested in Qatar. Some examples are :-
certificate attestation qatar
  • Mark List
  • Professional certificates
  • Bonafide letters
  • Marriage certificate
  • Experience certificate




Documentation Services

Document clearance is done without any hurdles from both government and non-government departments.


Other Services

Other services provided by Kenza include :- 
  • Pro services
  • Embassy services
  • Visa services
  • Real estate works

Kenza also provides 24 hrs reliable customer care facility which enhances the convenience of clients. Do remember that Kenza can help you with the above-mentioned services. Give us inquiry through our official site