Monday, 10 April 2017

Certificate Attestation Purpose In Qatar

certificate attestation in qatar
Qatar embassy attestation is a necessity for all certificates to convey their validity in Qatar. Certificate attestation in Qatar is mandatory for various purposes in Qatar, especially for people from other nations residing in Qatar. Various certificate attestation purposes are:-
  • To Obtain Employment Visa
  • To Obtain Family Visa
  • To Change Sponsorship
  • To Change Profession
  • To Attest Employment Contract From Labor Department
  • To Register UPDA/MMUP Exam For All Engineers.
  • To Get Work Permit For Ladies Who Is Under Family Visa
  • For Higher Studies In Qatar
During applying for an employment visa in Qatar, the applicant should submit the attested copies of educational certificates and experience certificate. The new regulations set Qatari government in certificate attestation process has toughened this work. The whole set of certificate attestation procedure for both educational certificates and experience certificate is explained in detail by Kenza Services. MOFA attestation is a necessity for educational certificates when it comes to changing profession, work permit etc. It is rather more difficult for those who are seeking for higher studies in Qatar as they have to follow the difficult set of rules set by MOFA Qatar. Kenza being a reliable legal service provider in Qatar guide you throughout the whole process. Kenza also has many offices in India with excellent customer care service.
Kenza is able to deal with both the MOFA in Qatar and the one in your native country without making any long delays. According to the new rules for educational certificate attestation in Qatar, the original mark sheet and a bonafide letter from the university in your native country is mandatory. And Kenza also deals with this issue in a smooth manner. With their experienced employees with contacts and wide network, they are able to satisfy all their clients. Services from Kenza is available at any time with utmost dedication and reliability.

Important Certificate Attestation Requirements for Family Visa Application in Qatar

Visa Procedure in Qatar

If you are working in Qatar and want to bring your family to Qatar, you should undergo a long and tiring legal procedure that is set by the Qatar government. You will gain the eligibility to bring your family to live with you in Qatar if your monthly salary is over QR 10,000, thus making your spouse and/or children are eligible for family residence visas. You should submit a number of certificates that is attested for sure while applying for the visa permit. The certificates mentioned below are the ones to be submitted along with the application form:-
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Educational Certificates
  • Good Conduct Certificate
  • Birth Certificates
  • Passport Copies
  • Medical Certificate
It is mandatory that the person applying for the visa to have a Qatari ID. There are also some restrictions in issuing the residence permit for the children based on their age limit. Male children above the age of 25 are not eligible for a family residence visa. At the same time, this rule is not effective for female children as long as they are not married. The application form should be downloaded from the official website of the Qatari government and then submitted along with the necessary documents. The application form should consist of the Arabic version too.

Certificate Attestation And Translation Services in Qatar

Now you all can see that applying for a family visa is a tiring and time-consuming procedure which can eat up your entire day leaving you hardly any time for other chores. Therefore outsourcing this procedure to a well experienced and reliable service provider like Kenza Services in Qatar will help you to relax and find time for other important matters. All types of attestation services are provided by Kenza. We need to submit a number of certificates while applying and Kenza assists the process of certificate attestation in Qatar. They also provide translation services while submitting the Arabic version of the application form. They offer all necessary visa services required for an easy and quick family residence visa permit.