Monday, 21 May 2018

Translation Service Qatar | Mofa Attestation | Qatar Embassy Attestation

Translation Service Qatar

Translation service qatar

Our highly attentive concentration on the style, formatting, consistency, and accuracy guarantee our clients to achieve the best service available. Quality assurance testing takes place at different stages of content development, localization and translation project life cycle. Prior to deliver translation projects our QA department undertakes to execute the following:
  • The target translation reads like a piece of original text.
  • Everything has been properly localized/translated.
  • All figures and units of measurements
They have been checked and their validity assured.
Terminology has been harmonized with the term list given in client's reference material as well as maintaining the maximum level consistency & unification throughout.
The style of the translation appropriate for the intended purpose and audience.
All outstanding queries have been resolved with clients.
Overall spell and grammar check has been carried out on output translation.

 Translation Service Qatar | Mofa Attestation | Qatar Embassy Attestation

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