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Pro Services Qatar - Kenza Services

Pro Services Qatar - Kenza Services

pro services qatar

PRO services are known locally as Qatar Document Clearing Service. Most foreign immigrants are taking place because the Qatar economy is rapidly growing. Qatar continues to focus all over the world due to steady growth in all sectors of the economy. The company is very important to maintain a positive relationship with the public. Each company can benefit from the size and the industry and benefit from the use of public relations as part of their  marketing strategy. Professional service providers offer professional advice to their clients for the best professionals,supporting a company providing tax advice, accounting, IT services, or management advice.

Our Services

  • Attestation of certificates / other documents.
  • Support of all government / semi-government / private sector
  • Commercial registration is processed.
  • Annual renewal of the trade license.
  • Processing of all kinds of visas.
  • Processing resident permits.
  • Spouse, family visa assistance.
  • Women's Permits under Family Sponsorship
  • Help for medical examination.
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